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Went on a sunday journey with my sisters today! It’s amazing just how packed all the cinemas were because of The Avengers but it is totally understandable, seeing as to just how great the franchise is. 

I am retarded but I love this shot! Haha. My sisters and I walked all the way to the middle tiny ‘park’ and endured the heat just for these shots.

You can never go wrong with floral topped with denims. I actually wanted a normal denim jacket but since I don’t have one I just had to improvise. Mental note: Buy a denim jacket.

I was very colorful today, perfect for the S/S time!

|| Romper: Forever 21 || Belt: Flee Market ||

|| Denim Jacket: Promod ||

|| Bag: Balenciaga ||

|| Sandals: Zara ||

|| Ring: H&M ||

Random photos of me goofing around, hehe. 

I owe so much to my sisters for taking my shots, holding my stuff and giving me ideas. They’re truly the best ☺

Credits to my sister, Aila, for taking the photos! 
Love, Timmi.
(P.S. If you havent watched The Avengers yet start reserving because A. It’s amazing and B. You won’t find seats.) 

Went on a three day, two nights trip to celebrate one of my friends 16th! Nina (this is a different Nina), Angie, Sandra, Dani & Myself. 

Yup, to the beach yet again! I really wanted to get tan lines but I wasn’t very successful.. 

We stayed over Canyon Cove Beach Club for one night. Such a big pool and it’s facing the white sand beach! 

Had to stock up on food for the next three days so we made a quick stop to Robinsons over at the Tagaytay Ridge. 

|| Vest: Thrifted || Top: Pacsun (forgot which brand) || Shorts: Zara || Shoes: H&M ||

From L-R: Sandra, Nina, Angie, Me and Dani. 

|| Top: H&M || Bottom: Aeropostale ||

We rode a banana boat for around 15 minutes, it was pricey-er than what we were used to (Boracay) but it was still really fun!

Angie & Nina are cheerleaders so they can do all sorts of stuff and it’s seriously so cool!

Although I have no photos, for the second day we went over to Ninas house in Tagaytay and stayed the night, Pretty chill. Just the way we like it! It was a good get away from all the Manila heat too. 

Summers been so good to me ☺

Love, Timmi.

Today, I had a great adventure. 

White sand, clear blue water, great company, etc. I really couldn’t think of any other way to spend my day (or life) any better! 

Balesin is a private island about 25 minutes away from manila, eastwards. It’s currently still under constructed and from what I saw today I can already tell that the finished product will be beyond words beautiful. 

This is Balesin! Isn’t it such a beauty? It even has it’s own private and international runway for the clients private planes!

The amazing people who I thank for making me experience such a lush island! 

Greeted with cold buko juice ☺So refreshing especially since it’s been really hot in the Philippines lately.

Yup, that’s Nina…She just can’t seem to leave me alone. Kidding! I love how she’s part of so many memories of mine, love you best! 

We went on a little tour while on our way to the Villa and we didn’t even cover 3% of the island and I was already in paradise. 

The pictures don’t do the place any justice, it’s really so beautiful there. Really peaceful too! Even though the resort isn’t fully completed yet they already have so many clients but since the land is so big and wide, you bearly see anybody! Ideal for a getaway vacation. 

Celina & I! She’s Ninas cousin & our batchmate. She is so funny..

Our Villa had 2 beds; A King sized bed, Day bed outside so you can enjoy the view from your ‘front porch’. 

While the mothers went on a tour the kids, of course, enjoyed the water!! It felt so good and since I haven’t gone to a beach in the longest time, I really savored the moment + with views like those it’s hard not to.

Sun-block: On! Had to protect our skin from the strong rays of the sun ☀ 

Aside from the beach there’s also the pool in the clubhouse that goes on and on and on and on. Connected to the pool is a ‘lounge’, 10 centimeter deep water with ‘mats’ that you can lay on and sun bathe while still in the water.

That’s Pia, Celinas little sister. 

We kayaked on the beach and saw a bunch of flying fish aka shrimps aka jumping frogs.  

||Vest: Jag || Romper: Promod || Sunnies: Flee market || Toms ||

Summer just keeps getting better and better but it’s nearing the end…Gahh! ☹

Love, Timmi.

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Today I made my third Do It Yourself! The first being the American Apparel inspired skirt and the second, the gold painted shorts. 

Shorts with studds, sewed designs, etc. have been in the hype for a long time now & I decided to make my own since it’s really hard to find some in the Philippines and the ones online are too much. 

I went to Forever 21 today and I came across this skirt with a really cute aztec print on it, since it’s really hard to find aztec designs I bought it and decided to use it as my cloth. 

What you’ll need:

Preferred Cloth 
Thread (Choose a color that would easily blend)
Patience (Seriously, especially since I hand sew everything) 

Step 1: 

  • Chose what part of the shorts you want to cover first ( I suggest starting with a small part so you can get the hang of it first)

Step 2:

  • Cut a piece of cloth that is slightly larger than the section you’re going to sew it on
  • Pin the cloth down to the shorts so it doesn’t move when you sew it.

Step 3:

  • Prepare your thread & needle 
  • Start sewing
  • Avoid sewing on the thick parts, it’ll be hard to get your needle through
  • Once you’re done with one side of the cloth you can cut the excess cloth (A little close to your thread) so you can see the outcome 

Sorry for not having photos for every step! I’ll keep it in mind in my next DIY, i’m planning on doing Ombré shorts. 

Love, Timmi.

#DIY Shorts  #April  #DIY  

Older & Wiser

Just a random post on what I’ve been doing while I was away for a long time, hehe. 

There has been 4 birthday celebrants since summer started, makes my jealous cause they’re old enough to get their drivers permit.. 6 months more to go for me!

Andie & Kimis 16th was a joint ‘chill’ hangout, Karoke in redbox!! Thats them ^ such pretty girls.

Credits to Camille Ledesma for the photo of the birthday girls & Bea Hufana for the of the ‘Andie & Kimis’ photos.

Went to Ninas house before + we headed to Eastwood together. 

Karaoke partners ✌

|| Magenta sheer cape top || Leather shorts: H&M || Black leather oxfords with silver linings ||

Rissa & Mathildas was also a joint birthday party held at Rissas house. Mathilda, Rissas friend, came all the was from Finland to spend their 16th together! 

Meet Ninas dad (Bottom left photo) Haha, we was so hilarious that night… Can’t be tamed. 

All photos from here are from Camille Ledesma.

Betsy ☆

With some of the ladies for the night!

I’m sorry for the rushed outfit photo and it’s not even properly taken! But I tried.. 

|| Top: Dress used as a top from Bloggers United || Mullet Skirt: Pink Manila || 

|| Skeleton Heels: Pill ||

Cheers to summer & the memories to come!! 
All photos are edited by me.
Love, Timmi.